Holiday Writing Workshops Half-Off Sale

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The headline here says it all.
Because those of you in Europe are going through the second wave of COVID, while those of us in the States are still in our first wave (inundation) thanks to the worst pandemic response in the world, WMG, Dean and I decided to do another half-off our online writing workshops again.
This time, the sale has a holiday twist. You can give as many workshops as you want away as gifts this year.
I hope this helps you stay in, stay distanced, and stay safe from this horrible disease. I also hope you will continue writing through it all.
Oh, and a reminder: you only have two days to get your ebooks from the Big Time Storybundle. Click around the site. There’s so much good reading there. Not just the bundle I curated or the Nano Writing Tools Bundle, but the other two fiction bundles as well.

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