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I feel like I just got home from a long, long, long business trip. I checked out on the writing and publishing world on Monday night, and I’m finally returning—happily, I might add.

But I realized I have some cleanup to do. I need to let you know things, which I will do over the next week, so you don’t feel inundated.

I know I’ve mentioned this in my newsletter and sideways in various tweets and promotions, but I’ve never given it real time.

Dean and I, through WMG Publishing, are doing a half off sale on all of our workshops. We did a few of these earlier in the year to encourage you to stay home to avoid Covid. When we did the first one, we figured it would be a one-off. It wasn’t. Because this crisis just keeps on and on. Now, Europe is on lockdown again. I’m pretty sure various places in the U.S. will do the same.

So, stay home, write and study writing.

Those of you who are not writers, you can buy workshops as gifts for the upcoming holidays. Half off a lot of these workshops is a steal, actually. Your writerly friend or family member will get hours of value to keep them occupied well into the new year.

Or buy one for yourself.

Follow the instructions in this post you’ll find when you click on this sentence.

You only have until Tuesday to take advantage of this great value.

More news later in the week!

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