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As I write this, we have a little under 2 days left on the WMG Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter for 2020. I really do think that this Spectacular will help all of its subscribers get through the stay-at-home Zoom holiday season that’s coming up.

We have three Calendars of Stories in the Spectacular. The one I focus on is the winter holidays section, because it is literally coming right up. You’ll get 37 stories in any ebook format you like starting on November 26, which is American Thanksgiving. The stories will cover dozens (literally) of winter holidays, some real, and some not.

The stories come in three genres—mystery, fantasy, and romance. You will know which genre you’re getting before you read, so if you’re not in the mood for something sweet, you can save that for later. (I figured, since this is 2020, you might be in a murderous mood early on.)

The calendar, which I edited, features work from Kari Kilgora, Anthea Lawson, Irette Patterson, Jason Adams, Dean Wesley Smith, and so many others. Those of you who got last year’s calendar will get to revisit a few settings. (Hidden Springs Inn and Spa, anyone?) But for the most part, these stories have no relation to last year’s except that they feature holidays, showing the good and bad sides of the season. I can promise you, though—no COVID! Just lots of escape.

The second calendar is our Sweet Valentine’s Calendar, edited by Annie Reed (who also has stories in the winter holidays calendar). These stories have a touch of mystery or a touch of romance, but the one thing they have in common is that they’ll make you smile.

The third calendar is Halloween Harvest, edited by Mark Leslie. Stories of the harvest, of Halloween, and of the other early fall holidays, with just a bit of a dark twist. You’ll get nine days of stories with this calendar.

You can get all three in the Spectacular, or the anthologies that come from these calendars. (Just a reminder: all three anthologies from last year’s Spectacular were just released. So you can start reading holiday stories right now.)

We’ve hit our first two stretch goals and are creeping up on our third. If you back at the $5 and above level, you’ll get your reward as well as one of my holiday collections, Silent Night, and an upcoming holiday collection, Stories For the Cold of Winter. You’ll also get my lighthearted Kristine Grayson holiday novella, Up on The Rooftop.

If we hit the third stretch goal, you’ll get Dean’s novel, Christmas Gift, and a special limited pop-up workshop for writers. If you’re not a writer, you can give that workshop to a friend. In fact, we have a reward that promotes holiday giving. You can buy the calendar(s) for yourself and for others.

However, you have less than 48 hours to get all of this at a discounted price. (You can still subscribe after, but really, now’s the time.)

2020’s been hard enough. Give yourself some quiet time with great stories. Make this holiday season special in a whole new way for a completely different world. Pick up the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2020.

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