Squishy’s Teams arrives

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I stealth published a novel this week. Squishy’s Teams is in my Diving Universe, but it’s not a novel about Boss. I wrote this in the middle of writing the big story arc that I’m finishing up this year. I wrote Squishy’s Teams to explain something to myself. (I do that a lot.) I needed to know what happened in the Empire when Squishy sent a group of people out to destroy stealth tech.

Squishy’s Teams explains that and more. It’s a full novel, but to understand all of it, you have to read Boneyards first. Fortunately for you folks, Boneyards the ebook is 99 cents on all platforms from now until CyberMonday.

I think you’ll like Squishy’s Teams. The next Boss novel, the large and complex Thieves arrives in 2021. Until then, enjoy this outing!

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