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Yeah, we’re doing it again. Because COVID infections are worse. I’d think it was just us in the U.S., but today’s news is that Scotland is locking down until February 1, with other countries to follow. I really have no words, except how sorry I am for folks who are suffering from the disease or have lost loved ones. Hugs to you all.
And because COVID is so bad, we’re doing another workshop sale to encourage you to please, please, please stay home. Mask up when you leave. Wash your hands. Follow the rules. And get the vaccine when you are eligible. That’s the only way out of this nightmare.
So, until Thursday, the writing workshops are half off. ALL of the workshops. Here’s the link with the code. 
I hope this will be the last time we need to offer this. Fingers crossed that everything will improve after the deepest darkest part of winter.

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