Thieves Preorder and Diving short story

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Great news! I know many of you have been waiting for the next novel featuring Boss in the Diving series. Well, it’s finally…um…nearly here.

The novel is called Thieves and it releases on February 12. But you can preorder your copy now in ebook, trade paper or hardcover format. It’ll take a while for audio. I’m negotiating with someone other than Audible for a variety of reasons too complicated to go into here.

Click here to find out where and how to preorder.

Also, for you Diving fans—and those of you who’ve never read Diving. Asimov’s SF Magazine has published “Hunches” in its January/February issue. I’m letting you know this late, so hurry on over and get yours. There are a lot of great writers in this issue. You might pick it up for me, but stay for everyone else. They’re great!

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