Thieves Hits Print!

Diving Into The Wreck New Releases

The Diving novel that fans have been waiting for—the next Boss novel—hits print today. This book takes place just after the events of The Runabout and at the same time as Searching For The Fleet.

It also isn’t the last word in Diving, not by a long ways. I wrote a book that comes after Thieves. That book, called The Chase, is being reviewed right now by Allyson Longueira who might know the Diving Universe as well as I do. No publication date for that book yet, so you’ll need to watch this space.

You can order Thieves from any online store or find it at your favorite brick-and-mortar retailer. (Yep, several have ordered the paper book and should have it on the shelves.) Or, if you want, you can order a copy directly from WMG.

If you’re not a Diving fan (yet), then you have some reading ahead of you. Don’t start with this book. Start with Diving into the Wreck. If you end up liking that book, you’ll have enough reading ahead of you to hold you until you get your vaccine. (Or everyone else does, if you’re lucky enough to have yours already.)

The Diving Universe got me through the past year. I hope it can get you through the next few months.

15 thoughts on “Thieves Hits Print!

  1. Just wondered if we can expect an audiobook soon? I’m desperate to start it, but so love Jennifer van Dyck’s narration: can’t imagine Boss in any other voice…

    1. I’m afraid not. There won’t be any more audio books for some time. I couldn’t come to terms with Audible this time, and doing it on my own is too expensive. I’m hoping that will change in a year or so, but for now, no new Diving audiobook. Sorry!

        1. I was wondering if there had ever been a solution to the Audible terms issue? I absolutely love your work, but Audible (or audiobooks in general, I don’t care who releases) is my saving grace in my 3 hour commutes Monday through Friday. Reading a physical book isn’t in the cards, I’m afraid. I suppose I could try to find a way to fit it in, but if there may be a light at the end of the Audible tunnel, I would be interested to know…?

  2. Just finished reading thieves! Wow! I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.just can’t wait for the continuation.

  3. I had read some Retrieval Artist novels a few years ago, then a couple months ago started reading all the Kristine Kathryn Rusch I could find. I ended up reading them all back-to-back, starting with the Retrieval Artist series, then the Fey series, then the Diving Universe, and finally the Smokey Dalton series. It’s clear I really enjoy your work!

    Right now I am 90% through ‘Thieves’ and some questions occurred to me. Why doesn’t The Fleet, and perhaps some or all of the other space-faring civilizations, use pulsars as a kind of cosmic GPS? Why did you decide that this universe would have no aliens? Or does it? Which leads to ‘Who did Fleet steal the anacapa drive from?'( That last is the one one I really am curious about!) Will we ever read about the theft of the anacapa, or will we ever find out anything about how it was acquired? Is all of this still within the Milky Way galaxy?

    Can hardly wait for ‘The Chase!’

    1. Great questions. There are no aliens in the Diving universe. I wanted it to be different from the Retrieval Artist universe. That one thing makes a huge difference. And yes, the anacapa drive. That is a question, isn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks for all of your support!

  4. Got my paperbacks in the mail! I have been re-reading Retrieval Artist and Anniversary Series. I have two more books to go than start new Boss book.

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