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Wow, we did not expect to be stuck in place kinda sorta a year into this pandemic. Well, I hoped we’d be out of it by now, but my knowledge of history told me that an uncontrolled pandemic takes about three years to work its way through the population. We’re not on that trajectory thanks to Science!!! Yay, science!!!!
So we’re all waiting for our vaccines, except for the handful (speaking worldwide now) who got their vaccines (Dean among them). Even so, we’re not quite ready to emerge from our houses/apartments/condos (except for the grocery shopping and day job). Which means that writers still need distractions!
We want you to stay home and stay healthy. As Dean said to me before he got his vaccine, he didn’t want to be the last person to die on the battlefield just before the peace. In other words, let’s not get COVID in this final stretch. Let’s make it to our vaccines.
So…to encourage you…the half-off sale, again. Head over to Dean’s website and look at the information on the sale, then head to Teachable to see what’s being offered. If you’ve done this before, just go direct to Teachable. The code is AGAIN.

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