Give Me A Deadline!

Fantasy Fey

I don’t usually ask my readers to help me finish something, but I need to move The Fey up the priority list. I keep promising to finish it, but getting up to speed has been the barrier. The only way I could encourage myself to do the review was with a deadline.

I tried to set my own deadline, but that didn’t work. Other things, with real world deadlines, got in the way.

So I decided have a small Kickstarter with a set deadline. If people back the Kickstarter, I’ll finish a Fey novella by the deadline. The novella is the start. Those of you who know my method understand that I write novellas to figure things out. I know where I’m going, but I need to get the details back in my head. A novella will do that.

There are a lot of cool rewards here, including a copy of the novella for $5 and above. I’m doing some nonfiction work with this project, again to keep my hand in and also to purge some of the emotions around the original publication of the Fey. I’m being vague, but you will understand more if you look at the Kickstarter and watch the video.

Here’s the link. The Kickstarter went live a few hours ago. I’m prepping this the day before, so if the link is cranky, search on the site for “The Return of the Fey.”

I’ll have more news as this goes along.

Thanks for considering this!


Update: Within 4 Hours…we’ve funded and hit the second stretch goal! You people honor me. Thank you so very very much!


Update: 24 hours in…We’ve hit all our stretch goals! Thank you! And we’ve just posted new stretch goals! (We’re a bit stunned. I’m a bit stunned.)

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