One Day Deals, Storybundle, and a Maelstrom

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We’re down to 24 or so hours on the Return of The Fey Kickstarter. I asked the Fey readers to give me a kick in the butt, by joining the Kickstarter to give me a real deadline on a new Fey novella. Usually I try to have work done before I do a Kickstarter, but in this case, I needed a real kick start. It worked: I’m underway on my reread of the first seven books, I have new notes on the next book, and many ideas for various novellas. All a great sign of things to come! Thank you!

However, here’s the surprise for me. We hit the ask within hours. What this means is that we’ve been hitting stretch goals throughout the Kickstarter. What has been a wonderful thing for me is also turning out to be a wonderful thing for the backers.

If you act in the next 24 hours, you can get $1000 worth of stuff, from online writing workshops to 8 fantasy e-books, for as little as a $5 reward. If you back at $30, you can get the seven (current) ebooks of the Fey, as well as the new novella and everything I listed above. It’s truly a breathtaking deal for you all. I suggest you act quickly. Here’s the link:

Speaking of deals, here’s another one: I curated a new Storybundle. I asked for fiction from some of my favorite writers, with the caveat that the e-books have three things—a secret, a lie, and a crime. Some of these books have a strong paranormal element, some have a slight paranormal element, and some have no paranormal element at all. But they’re all wonderful.

For $15, you can get all ten e-books and donate to our charity, World Central Kitchen. One of the many things I like about World Central Kitchen is that they try to get rid of food insecurity worldwide. From providing food at disasters around the world to helping failing restaurants here in the U.S. to providing meals to people who can’t afford them, World Central Kitchen is working at the epicenter of hunger due to the pandemic.

Finally, my novella “Maelstrom,” which Asimov’s readers have just chosen as one of the best novellas of the year has come out in a standalone volume. You can pick up yours in e-book or hardcover right here.

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