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So much to tell you about that I won’t get to all of it.

First, though, all of the Colliding Worlds books are out! Six science fiction collections, featuring 20 short stories in each book. Ten of the stories are from me and ten are by Dean. We had a blast putting these together. The books were the subject of a successful Kickstarter earlier this year (thanks to all the backers!) and now, those of you who missed the Kickstarter can get your copies. For more information, click here.

Secondly, in a little over 30 minutes, as I type this, another Kickstarter will go live. Yep, it’s for you Diving fans. The next book in the Diving series, The Chase, will release in September, but you can get yours early if you back this Kickstarter. And bonus! you can also get a deal on Colliding Worlds through the Kickstarter.

Here’s the Kickstarter link.

The link I have here will take you to the pre-launch page until noon PDT, where the link should magically morph into the actual Kickstarter itself. I’d post after launch, but I’ll be taking a final in my Spanish class. (Send me good wishes. I’ll need them.)

Finally, on the releases and deals section of this post, I curated a Storybundle this month. The Write Stuff Storybundle is the only place you can get my Tips About The Film/TV Industry For Novelists, based on the blog posts I wrote earlier this year. In fact, we have four ebooks that are exclusive to the bundle. Loren L. Coleman’s amazing book on Crowdfunding Your Fiction, Tonya D. Price’s book on social media marketing, and Dean’s book showing how to write a novel in two weeks. Plus, for your $15, you will get an online workshop about ways to deal with toxic people, as well as marketing help with libraries and bookstores from Mark Leslie Lefebvre, how to manage cash flow courtesy of Michael W. Lucas, set up a business plan using advice from Joanna Penn, and…just in time for the return of conferences, how to write a proposal that will make you a featured speaker, thanks to Johanna Rothman. Oh, and if you think you can’t write a novel in 15 days, then try Stefon Mears’ book on writing a novel in 30 days.

We have you covered for the whole summer and more! Click here for the Storybundle link.

In other news, I’m writing the Fey novella now, although my creative voice has just thrown me a curve. It wants to start a different Fey novella, because I just put together a piece of worldbuilding that my entire brain is excited about.

I’m also writing the Lessons From The Writing of The Fey as I work my way back through all of the novels to refresh said creative brain. I’m posting the chapters, as I finish them, on my Patreon page.

I’m moving my office in the next day or so. I plan to settle in for a summer of writing, writing, writing. And I’m looking forward to it. With the freedom that came with being fully vaccinated, a good part of my brain stopped monitoring the COVID crisis obsessively. So I’m ready to get back to work full throttle. (Yes, this year has been half throttle and I still got a lot done.)

The next Diving book is in the planning stages. I know what’s next. But you folks get to read the one I finished in December. There’s a lot of reading for you and writing for me. I hope you take a look at these various projects and deals. Lots of good stuff here from many wonderful writers.

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