Final Half-Off Sale

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Throughout the pandemic, WMG Publishing held a half-off sale somewhat regularly to encourage writers to stay in and learn. It was a tough year, and we were doing what we could to help.
I know the pandemic isn’t over in many parts of the world. It has receded here, except in areas where people are refusing to be vaccinated. Several hospitals all over the country now report no COVID patients at all.
We had promised to let you know when we were wrapping up the half-off sales and not doing them again. And here it is—a milestone I didn’t think we’d reach. This is the final half-off sale for all of our workshops, from the online ones to the lifetime for the in-person workshops which will start again in 2022. (No, we don’t have a schedule for those yet. It depends on some factors outside of our control at the moment, like hotel bookings.)
So, if you would like to take advantage of this, we have literally hundreds of classes that you can take. There’s no time limit on when you can take a workshop.
I’d love to use this somehow to encourage those of you who have the opportunity to be vaccinated and haven’t yet availed yourself of it to get vaccinated, but I have no ideas on how to do that. Let me plead with you to get your shots, if not for you, then for the people around you daily.
I do hope that the rest of you reach the point that we have, where we’re out and about with friends, going into places without masks, actually smiling at people and having them smile back.
Here’s the link for all the details about the final sale. Stock up. This deal will not come again.
(I hope. Jeez: the dang pandemic made me superstitious.)

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