An Amazing Achievement

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Our small publishing company pulled off the impossible so far in 2021. Through July, they have published 91 books. (With 50 or so scheduled for the second half of the year.) This is a wonderful achievement. All of the books are well designed and properly promoted. Allyson Longueira and her small team accomplished that on the one-day-at-a-time model. I’m so impressed with them.

And that doesn’t count books like The Chase, which is the next Diving novel. It’s available in preorder, which means that it’s not counted as published yet. (You can preorder it here:

Below is a list of the books that WMG published so far in 2021 that feature my work. I know I haven’t notified you of any of this because I’ve been busy too. Before you click through, stop a moment and give the crew at WMG a round of applause. I know I am.


2021 Publications – KKR
Aliens Among Us
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 1
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 2
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 3
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 4
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 5
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 6
Death Stopped for Miss Dickinson
Fiction River: Chances
Fiction River: Dark & Deadly Passions
Fun House Mirrors
Politicians, Lost Causers, and Abigail Lockwood
Puckish Behavior
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Issue #11
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Artistic Sensibilities
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Fantastic Whims
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Feral Instincts
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Romantic Soul
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Roving Nature
Tips on the Film/TV Industry for Novelists: A WMG Writer’s Guide
Diving Pairs Vol. 1
Diving Pairs Vol. 2
Diving Pairs Vol. 3
Diving Pairs Vol. 4
Diving Pairs Vol. 5
Diving Pairs Vol. 6

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