Weird Glitches and Holidays

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I love the little image above this post. It’s a perfect description of the Holiday Spectacular.

Yes, we’re doing it again. This year, we will send you or a friend or both of you or all of you 38 stories between American Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November) to New Year’s Day. You will receive one story per day throughout that time.

It really is a thoughtful gift, because you’re giving the gift of stories to someone. It’s more like 38 gifts throughout the holiday season, rather than just one gift.

You can get the Spectacular through the Kickstarter we’re running right now. The calendar of stories comes with every single reward. We’ve also hit two of our stretch goals so you (or your friend) will also receive a holiday collection from Dean Wesley Smith and a Kristine Grayson holiday novella from me, as well as a pop-up writing workshop on how to write about families without angering yours. The Kickstarter has one week left, so we will probably hit another stretch goal or two.

I announced this last week, but there was some weird glitch on my website that didn’t let anyone who has subscribed to the website know about anything I’ve posted. Supposedly, the weird glitch has been fixed. So I figured I’d let you all know about the Kickstarter again.

When you check out the Kickstarter, you’ll see that there are ways to give multiple gifts here. Imagine finishing all of your holiday shopping with one single click. And giving all the people you love 38 stories.

I promise you—no religious stories. No Covid stories. This spectacular isn’t one holiday specific either. It’s got a bunch of winter holidays. So take a look at the gift that rules them all. Take a look at this year’s Holiday Spectacular.

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