Not A Black Friday Sale

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Especially since you’re just being notified of it, and Black Friday has nearly ended. Think of it as a Small Business Saturday Sale, or a Cyber Monday Sale, or a Holiday Week Sale.
We’re offering 50% off all workshops listed on Teachable, now through December 2. Hit this link, pick the workshops you want, and then at checkout, add the coupon code HolidaySale.
If you need more information, head to Dean’s website. He has a lot of info there, as well as our Thanksgiving adventure, involving flames and fire trucks and pie.
For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good one that was less dramatic than ours.

2 thoughts on “Not A Black Friday Sale

  1. Kris — I’ve taken a bunch of WMG workshops and bought many WMG lectures over the years, but I have to say my favorite is your short story lecture. I’ve re-watched it dozens of times. I love short stories, and you’re a renowned short story writer and editor, so I especially take your lessons to heart. I’ve also found your try/fail cycle can be stretched out to novellas, too. I especially re-watched now that I want to try out Dean’s impossible challenge of Making A Living on Short Stories Only!

    Thanks again!

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