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Over the past few years, Dean and I have had a blast participating in Kickstarter’s Make 100 Project every January. Two years ago, we did Year of the Cat (which introduced the boys at Promotion Central. (See above)

Then, last year, we did Colliding Worlds, 100 of our science fiction short stories. The reception was amazing.

So this year, we decided to do it again, only with mystery fiction. We are putting 100 short stories into 5 collections. Each collection will have 20 stories, ten from me and ten from Dean. Allyson Longueira at WMG designed wonderful covers for the five volumes. I can’t wait to add them to my bookshelf. I hope you’ll want them as well.

Here’s the video.

After you watch it, please head to Kickstarter. The rewards in this one are extra special.

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