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It’s a midwinter sale, which feels disingenuous to tell you, because with the 70-degree days we’ve been having, my brain is nowhere near winter. (Sorry, those of you suffering through yet another winter storm.) But, here goes…

We are holding a half-off all online writing workshops sale. Go to Teachable.com, find your workshop and put the code MidWinter in at checkout to get your discount.


We’re doing a new series called “Climbing Out of the Rubble.” You can get it alone or as part of your purchase of Licensing or The Decade Ahead. For those of you who bought the entire Business Master Class, you’ll get the rubble workshop as well.

We decided to figure out how we’re climbing out of the mess the acute phase of this Covid interruption made of our lives after talking to a friend in the licensing industry. He had no idea what everyone is going to do, since half the people involved in the business have left. That’s the same in movies/TV, and in lots of other industries. So we’ll be dealing with that, and the changes that Covid hath wrought.

We need it as well so that we can get our feet underneath us. Yes, I know, we’ll still have a lot of stuff to deal with that is Covid-related, but after 2 years, it’s part of our lives. We damn well better figure out how we’re going to live our lives around it.

Also we have added a challenge to the year-long writing challenges workshops (which you can start at any point). It’s a novella challenge. As many of you know, novellas are my favorite form, so guess whose idea this was? (Got it in one!)

So head on over and see what you can find. The sale will last until the 24th.

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  1. Do you have a handy guide to your courses? There are color codes and groupings and I’m feeling a little like I need a course map.

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