Bundling and Kicking

Current News On Writing Science Fiction Space Opera

Or something like that. I’m deep in a massive writing project so my brain is a bit wonkier than usual.

But I wanted you to know about two really cool things. First, my novel Alien Influences is in the Aliens Among Us Storybundle. Twelve ebooks (three in an exclusive bundle within the bundle) about aliens. Lots of great novels here and some very fun stories in the Aliens Among Us anthology that gave the bundle its name. And honestly, that Aliens Among Us anthology cover is one of my favorites ever. If you like sf, if you like aliens, if you like great storytelling, then pick up this bundle. As with all Storybundles, it exists for a limited period of time, and then the deal will disappear forever.

And…if you like deals and you love science fiction, particularly galaxy-spanning science fiction, then check out the latest WMG Publishing Kickstarter. It’s for Rescue Two, the latest novel in Dean’s Seeders Universe. Dean writes riveting novels and short stories in this universe. He’s working on the kind of sf that most writers don’t even dare try. The vastness of space usually stops other writers, but not Dean. He has a real sense of the universe and it comes out here.

Every backer over $5 will get the book. If I were you, I’d back at the $45 level and get all of the ebooks in the series. Lots of amazing reading.

As usual with WMG Kickstarters, there are a lot of stretch rewards, and as I type this, we’re heading toward the third. That means more books and, for you writers, a series on world building. I’m going to help Dean plan these craft-oriented popups on different kinds of world building in sf. World building makes or breaks sf stories, so it’s important for writers to learn how to do it correctly. I’m excited to help with that. It gets me thinking about how to world build as well.

Check out the Kickstarter and the Storybundle. Lots of great reading for a great price…and if you back the Kickstarter, workshops as well. What better way to celebrate Spring.

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