Deals For The Time of Great Forgetting

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Dean calls the period from the beginning of May to the middle of August The Time of Great Forgetting. That’s because all the plans we made at the beginning of the year no longer motivate us to work during the rush of spring/summer events. Graduations, weddings, family reunions, gardens, and the beckoning of the great outdoors all get in the way of writing goals.
So to combat that, we’re offering a flash sale on the workshops that will run until late tomorrow (Wednesday). Go to Teachable and enter the code: FlashSale. 
Dean has written two posts filled with suggestions that will get writers through this very distracting time. (Made even more distracting by the loosening of pandemic restrictions.) You can find the first here, and the second here. 
And if you want a superdooper deal on one pop-up workshop, head to Storybundle. I curated the Write Stuff Storybundle, which has a lot of great advice from writers who’ve survived decades-long careers (Lawrence Block) and from writers who are watching the newest latest trends (Joanna Penn). You’ll be able to get the pop-up “Writing Clean First Drafts” as well. All of this and much more for $20. This deal ends on Thursday.
So lots here to help you through this distracting time of the year.

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