The Clock Is Ticking…

The Clock Is Ticking…

On the Starter Kit Kickstarter. You can get the first book or story in 10 of my series for $25, plus 5 more ebooks and 4 interviews that Dean will conduct with me about my series, all for $25. I hope you take a moment to check it out. The Kickstarter will run through Friday and then it’s gone for good.

Here are the stories/books in the Starter Kit:

  •  The Santa Series (fantasy holiday romance)… Up on the Rooftop (novella)
  •  The Whale Rock Series (Seavy County) (dark fantasy)…The Women of Whale Rock (short story)
  •  The Sweet Young Things Series (hard-boiled mystery, crime)…Sweet Young Things (short story)
  •  The Fates Universe (fantasy romance)…Simply Irresistible (novel)
  •  The Faerie Justice Series (dark historical fantasy)…Dark Corners (short story)
  •  Spade/Paladin Series (mystery, private detective at sf conventions)…Stomping Mad (short story)
  •  The Smokey Dalton Series (historical mystery, private detective)…A Dangerous Road (novel)
  •  The Fey Series (epic fantasy)…The Sacrifice (novel)
  •  The Retrieval Artist Series (sf thriller, space opera)…The Disappeared (novel)
  •  The Diving Series (space opera, military sf)… Diving into the Wreck (novel)


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  1. Suzan Harden says:

    Already backed this Kickstarter! Just wanted to say I LOVE the new covers for the Fey series! Very Striking!

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