Winter Holidays And A Mystery

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The mystery is a mystery story that I have in the current issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. “Serving Process” is a rainy Oregon story with a bit of a twist. You can get a copy here.

The complete volume of last year’s Holiday Spectacular hit the virtual shelves this week! Thirty-eight stories about various winter holidays (including a June holiday from Australia). The stories first appeared in last year’s Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories. They’re reprinted here as they appeared, with the introduction I wrote for them.

In the Calendar, the stories arrive daily. We’ll be issuing another Spectacular this year, and we’ll have a Kickstarter for it first. Pick up this giant volume to see if you’re interested in getting a story a day for the last 38 days of 2022. I have a hunch you would enjoy it all. Get your ebook here.

And, we are in the final hours of the Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter. For $30, you can get one year’s subscription (six issues), a number of anthologies, and some workshops. Plus there are a lot of other great deals in the Kickstarter itself. Oh! And I have a story in each issue. Lots to read, lots to do. Please check it out, before it’s too late.

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