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Just a short notification post that we (as in WMG) changed our minds on workshop sales. Actually, it was Allyson Longueira who made the observation that led to the change. She mentioned that people who are good shoppers (like her) save up for regular sales.
Heh, who knew? I shop when I’m out of something or forced to or feel that I need something. I reluctantly go out and buy it. I’m not a shopper, clearly. And Dean sees shopping as something akin to a contact sport.
So we’re going to have regular sales. I’m going to send you to Dean’s announcement of that, and then the two posts he’s done so far on the workshop curriculum.
Sales dates:
I’m settling in for a month of hard work before school resumes. I will have a lot more news about various writing projects, so stay tuned!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to do a live workshop with you all. And then you moved to Las Vegas, and then there was COVID. So what topics do you see coming out next year? I need to plan ahead! Barring a plague of locusts, or something….

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