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Okay, this is not a confession. Or maybe it is, but not to a crime, current or past. I’m just so honored to be part of this Storybundle. The books and writers here are amazing. Award winners, bestsellers, and one grand master. (Lawrence Block.) The bundle includes two short story collections featuring stories that I love (books by David H. Hendrickson and by Leah Cutter), one of my favorite novels (Rebecca Cantrell’s Night of the Long Knives), some wonderful series books (Melissa Yi’s Hope Sze and Dean’s Cold Poker Gang), as well as two unclassifiable historical crime novels (one by Vincent Zandri and one by Robert Jeschonek). I have two contributions as well—a Smokey Dalton novel and one of my favorite Fiction River anthologies.

You can get them all and contribute to our charity, Able Gamers, for as little as $20. The bundle exists for 10 more days, so get yours as quickly as possible. Hurry! There’s a lot of great reading ahead!

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