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A number of you emailed me privately to ask for the schedule of the in-person workshops for 2023. I told you all that we would announce soon, and promised to let you know…and then forgot the save the emails.
So, I’m posting here. We’re doing 6 craft workshops in 2023. I love these things. They challenge me as well.
Here’s the schedule:
Fantasy/Caper... January 9-12, 2023. (Only 3 spots left.). Kris is teaching.
Time Travel/Romance... March 6-9, 2023. Dean is teaching.
Romantic Suspense... May 15-18, 2023. Kris is teaching. (Week before Licensing Expo)
Fantasy/Thriller... July 17-20, 2023. Kris is teaching.
Romance/Ghosts... September18-21, 2023. Dean is teaching.
Time Travel/Mystery... November 6-9, 2023. Dean is teaching.
Science Fiction/Mystery... January 8-11, 2024. Kris is teaching.
Yes, there will be Study Alongs, but you miss a lot when you take those. We have great discussions and a lot of extra reading.
We’ve had to make some changes due to being in Las Vegas. We’ll need payment when you sign up, something that we did not have to do in Lincoln City. But we’ve been caught flatfooted with people who hadn’t paid canceling at a late date, and we had no time to activate the waiting list. Here, we owe no matter what (ironclad hotel contracts, unlike Lincoln City), so we have to make that change.
In consideration of it, though, we are keeping the old price of $750 through the end of this month. After that, the price has to go up (because the cost of everything in Vegas has gone up) to $1000.
$1,000 fee covers the workshop and the study-along workshop for your review later. Writers pay for their own travel and hotel rooms and food.
To sign up, email Dean. Here’s what he wrote on his post about this:
If you would like to sign up and have already taken an in-person class at some point in the past, or have a lifetime subscription to In-Person workshops, just write me and tell me which one (or ones… yes you can sign up for more than one) you would like to sign up for. We are limiting these to 15 writers each, so they will fill this coming year.
(His gmail address is dean (dot) wmgworkshops)
If you have not done an in-person workshop with us before, write me with  some information about your writing and such. These are advanced workshops and we want to make sure they fit and will help you.
I hope some of you will join us in Las Vegas to talk writing and craft!

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