Workshop Sale and Humble Bundle Reminder

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We announced last month that we were going to do regular sales of the online writing workshops, so that you folks had time to organize your finances if you wanted to order tons of workshops. Or something like that. ?
Anyway, here’s your reminder: The August Workshop Sale is underway.
Go to Teachable, pick what you want, and then put in the code AugustRegularSale.
Dean has two helpful posts to make things easier for you. The first has a list of all the new workshops on this sale. The second explains all of the depth classes that we offer.
You also have about 40 hours to buy 35 ebooks through HumbleBundle, including some of my Diving books, one of Dean’s Seeders novels, and a Fiction River. Oh, and there’s folks in here like Lindsay Buroker, Robert Jeschonek, Kevin J. Anderson, Robert J. Sawyer and this Frank Herbert guy. There are a lot more than 35 books, because a bunch of us have trilogies or omnibuses in here.  And the charity is First Book, which is really worthwhile. (It provides books to needy kids and schools and libraries.) This bundle goes away on Thursday, so hurry on over.

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