Last Day For The Half-Off Writing Workshop Sale

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Yes, I know, I’m letting you know this late in the day. But it was the first moment I have. We have a lot of new classes available for the first time in the sale, including me talking about Lessons From The Writing of The Fey. Yeah, you get to hear some details and maybe get some advice about what you can do. If you want to go directly to Teachable and browse, click here. Then as you check out, type AugustRegularSale in the coupon area.

Dean kindly did an update of all the new things on his blog, so if you want them quickly (by name) click here.

And finally, something fun. We’ll be doing a Fey Kickstarter right after Labor Day. The first ad for it is above. Mark your calendars! (Yes, I’m excited about this.)

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