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Full disclosure: I hate seeing myself on video. Always have, probably always will. But this particular video, assembled by Gwyneth Gibby from the various videos for Lessons From The Writing of The Fey works. Take a look.

You can get all of the videos and the book by backing the Fey Kickstarter. Warning, though, the Kickstarter will end in four days.

This particular reward is worthwhile for writers in general and for readers of the Fey in specific. There are a lot of other rewards that are reader-only.

I also know that many of you are hesitant to back a Kickstarter for a series you haven’t read. The Kirilli Matter, the book we’re Kickstarting, is the start of a new series within the Fey saga, so you can read this book without having read any of the others.

As of this writing, we’ve hit six of our stretch goals. So, if you just want the book, spend $5, and you’ll get $250 in Motivational Monday videos and seven other ebooks. Yep, lots of stuff for a small investment.

I hope most of you take the videos. Or the other nonfiction. Or all seven of the previous books. Or…

Ah, hell. Just go look. And thanks!


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