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The Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter has arrived. I’m so excited about this year. (Okay, I’m excited about every year’s Spectacular, but this one is particularly fun). This year, we finally found the branding that we’ve been searching for, by bringing in well-known cover artist Bob Giordano to do the covers…of all of the books, even the ones that appeared in previous years.

This year’s stories are even better than I had hoped…and I had really high hopes. But before I wax poetic about them, let me remind you what the Holiday Spectacular is.

The Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories runs from American Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Every day in that 39 day window, subscribers will get a new original short story by a variety of great writers by email. The people who back the Kickstarter will also get the compilation of all the stories next July, just in case they want to hang onto everything in one place.

The calendar of stories includes a wide variety of holidays (some made up) and a wide variety of genres (from romance to sf to fantasy to mystery). It also contains a wide variety of moods. One or two of the stories are bleak, but most end happily…at least for now.

Everyone who backs the Kickstarter will get the Calendar of Stories. Then the backers can opt for rewards from all kinds of holiday books to workshops to some truly special fun things.

And…you can give all of these items as gifts. I personally think giving a friend or a relative the Calendar of Stories means you haven’t given them one gift; you’ve given them 39.

Now that we’ve been doing this for a while, we have a number of anthologies (so, if you want the stories in paper, you can get them in the anthologies). We also have some collections, and an annual collection of all of the previous year’s calendar stories.

In 2022, I have three stories in the Spectacular. So you’ll get quite a bit of me as well, in addition to the daily letter, talking about the story.

So head over to the Kickstarter and begin your holiday shopping early. Most importantly, have fun!

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