Time Travel For The Holidays…Oh, And One More Cool Thing!

Current News On Writing Time Travel

I’m lucky to have books and stories in the latest Storybundle. This one is on time travel. The ten books in the bundle represent many different forms of time travel, from time travel sf to time travel fantasy to time travel mystery to time travel romance. If you scan to the bottom of this post, you can learn more about each book. You have about two weeks to get the bundle. $25 for all of these, which will keep you reading through the New Year. Click here and get yours.

Speaking of time travel, one of the three topics writers could choose from in this year’s Holiday Spectacular was time travel. There are 11 holiday-themed time travel stories scattered throughout the Spectacular. It’s not too late to subscribe. You’ll get all the previous stories (in a lump) and then all the new ones, one per day. Click here to see more.

Thinking about time travel in a whole different way? Wishing you could time travel to the end of the year and not think about 2022 anymore? Well, we can help you plan for that. If you’re a writer and you want to challenge yourself in 2023, we have four formal challenges that you can sign up for. They are:

THE GREAT CHALLENGE is to write and send Dean a short story every week for 52 weeks.

NOVELLA CHALLENGE is to write and send Dean a novella every month for 12 months.

NOVEL CHALLENGE is to write and send Dean a novel every two months, and then publish the book in a paperback and send that to Dean at some point down the road.

PUBLISHING CHALLENGE is to publish one new major book every month. Major books are collections, novels, and novellas.

The cost is $600, but if you miss along the way, you get that much in workshop credit, so basically the challenge is free.

If you hit the challenge, you get your choice of any of the WMG Publishing lifetime subscriptions. That’s a great carrot to keep you going, but more than anything, what you will learn about your own writing and ability to get things out will be very valuable. Plus over the year you will have a lot of new stories and books.

We have a new searchable website so that you can find all of our workshops easily. Here’s the link to the challenge section. And here’s the link to the whole really cool site, so you can shop workshops all on your own: https://wmgworkshops.com/

And now, the promised bundle descriptions….

Here’s an excerpt from Dean’s blog. It describes all the books you’ll get:

So this bundle contains both novel length stories, but also an abundance of short stories and novella length works. There may be ten books in this StoryBundle, but there is over forty different stories. Amazing amounts of great time travel reading.

And one collection, A Speculation of Time, by bestselling writer T. Thorn Coyle that is only available in this bundle. Thorn is a master of the short form and I think you will love the stories included here. I sure do, and I am pretty picky about my time travel stories. To find out more about Thorn’s diverse work, head to www.thorncoyle.com

One of the current masters of the short form, bestselling writer Annie Reed chips in with another collection called Unexpected Aliens. Not every story is time travel, but they are all fantastic. Check out her bio for all of her awards and you can find more information about her amazing stories at https://anniereed.wordpress.com/

Bestseller Kris Austen Radcliffe included the complete Witch of the Midnight Blade series in one book for the bundle. Wow, some fantastic reading. Only someone of Kris’s skill could pull off timeline-jumping super soldiers combined with fantasy elements like the Fates. If you want a lot more about this incredible author, go to http://www.sixtalonsign.com/

Acclaimed writer Leslie Claire Walker offered and I jumped at the chance for a new collection called A Memory of Time. Very different and fascinating looks at time travel as only Leslie can do. For a lot more information about Leslie’s work, go to http://www.leslieclairewalker.com

One more addition to the large amount of stories before I get to the novels. New York Times bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch and I did a large and very fun collection of 100 of our science fiction stories. Each book had ten of her stories and ten of mine. In Colliding Worlds Volume #3, we focused the twenty on stories that included time. And I thought that would be great fun to include here as well. You can find the other volumes of the Colliding Worlds collection at www.wmgpublishinginc.com

Turning to time travel novels, Jason Koenig offered up something very powerful and different in Backtracker. You might not recognize Jason’s name because it is an open pen name of the USA Today bestselling writer Robert Jeschonek. Robert can take any topic and make you why you hadn’t thought of that. For a lot more of his work go to www.bobscribe.com

Then one of the best writers of time travel romance working today, Kathryn Kaleigh, offered this bundle a fantastic time travel novel from her Becquerel Series, Dragon’s Blood. Once you get started on Kathryn’s novels, you won’t be able to stop. Find out more about her work at www.kathrynkaleigh.com

And then in the same vein of romance and time travel, acclaimed writer Debbie Mumford offered up a short novel with a Scottish twist in Her Highland Laird. This general area of time travel is massive in scope and popularity, as Diana Gabaldon has proven. I think you will love Debbie’s short novel and can find more of her work at https://debbiemumford.com/

As both Kathryn’s and Debbie’s books do, my novel Tombstone Canyon blends romantic elements into historical places, but my book drifts away from the romance to focus more on the historical aspects of the Old West and the use of time travel. To find all the books and stories in the Thunder Mountain series, plus more of my novels and stories go to www.wmgpublishinginc.com

Finally, for yet another completely different take on time travel, New York Times bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch included her most recent Diving novel, The Chase. This tense can’t-put-down novel deals with societies in space leaving things behind in time, and the results of those decisions over sectors of space.

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