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…Especially on the Recommended Reading List. I’m going to get there, but the last 2 weeks have consisted of literally cramming to get too many projects done in too little time. (Including a Diving novella for Asimov’s!) Big final project for Spanish, which included some reading that really inspired me on a few things, so more writing there. And then…well, I face-planted. You’d think after 50+ of learning about myself, I’d realize that I face-plant after one big project. But this time, three at once. Yikes! I’m just climbing out of some serious exhaustion.

Yes, I am taking care of myself, which is why I didn’t push my way through it all.

It’s also why I’ve been lax in telling you about the 30% off sale on online writing workshops that will help you with the start of the year. There are four challenge workshops you can sign up for. They keep you accountable by emailing Dean each week. If you miss on your challenge, then you get a credit for a different workshop. It’s a great deal. And you do get a reward if you succeed.

The other workshops that are on sale are collections workshops. You do a lot of writing on a particular topic, and at the end, you put together a collection of those stories and publish them. Lots of learning here.
To find out more and how to use the code, go to Dean’s website. Click here.
The picture of Angel above shows you her holiday mood. Her mode this holiday season is fierce. She loathes Santa Hats. She has decided they must die a horrid death. She climbed the tree yesterday, first time ever (and we had a tree last year). She’s making up for lost time, I guess.

I, on the other hand, am enjoying the season, even with all the work. My Santa mug and I have so far avoided the Angel terror, and we’re getting back to work (oh, and celebrating too. I have a lot of holiday plans this week, in addition to everything else. And they must all be completed by December 24, because that’s when the tourists arrive for Vegas’s big New Year’s Eve celebration. This town celebrates the season early, because everyone goes back to work on December 24 and works hard during the next ten days. Dean and I will have groceries at the ready so we don’t have to leave. Angel is already gearing up to attack any fireworks that flare across her windows. Maybe the Santa Hats are just practice…

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  1. I’m behind, too. Because I recently finished the Renegat (big piece, plus the novella in Asimov) and today, I read a very tiny story of yours called The Canopy, very moving, in less than a thousand words. Bravo!

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