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It has been a very busy start to the year. I just finished teaching an in-person workshop, which we held at Resorts World. It’s a lovely venue (unlike the Golden Nugget), and we had a great time. I’m hoping the students enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m teaching two more workshops there this year—one in May and one in July—which you can find out about here.

Speaking of workshops, WMG Publishing has a newsletter called “Every Day’s A Holiday.” If you subscribe, you get a weekly discount on a workshop as well as a free story. Every week.

And one more thing to do with workshops…we have two special workshops in the current Fantasies Collide Kickstarter. One is called Found Fantasy and the other is Fantasy From Your Life. They’re only available in the Kickstarter, which will vanish in two days. Not to mention that backers at $30 and above will receive six fantasy popup workshops as part of the stretch rewards we have already hit. So head over. Here’s the link again: I really love this Kickstarter. The basis is five books with twenty short stories, ten from me and ten from Dean. These are all fantasy stories, grouped together by theme. Take a look at the covers that Allyson Longueira designed. They’re wonderful.
And, in addition to the popups (which you readers can give to writer friends if you want), you’ll get the five books and seven extra fantasy books so far. Those are the stretch rewards. Since we have two days left, we might hit another reward or two.
So much is happening. I’m also in a Storybundle with nine other wonderful writers, including Thomas K. Carpenter, Katie Cross, and Emily Martha Sorenson. The bundle is called the Magic Schoolbus, so if you’re like me, and you like stories about magic schools, then this is the bundle for you. Even though there are ten writers, there are fourteen books, including three of my Kristine Grayson books. Those of you who haven’t read the Daughters of Zeus trilogy can do so now, if you get the Storybundle. It’ll cost you $20 for all of these books, which is a heckuva deal.
I know I have more to tell you, but my tired brain can’t remember it all. Expect more update posts in the next week or two. And I’ll eventually get to the Recommended Reading List. I’m nearly there, but I have other deadlines first. (Including doing a weird map for the next Fey book.) Life is fun, but strange right now. Which is kinda cool…

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