Free Fiction Monday: Serving Process

Free Fiction Monday: Serving Process

Julia serves process in Corvallis, Oregon. One of the lawyers in her office warns her of the dangers her job poses, but she just needs two more years of interning to qualify for law school.

But her last subpoena of the day offers more than she bargains for—and holds more lives than just hers in the balance.

With its heart wrenching twists, “Serving Process” proves Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s mastery of crime fiction.

“Serving Process,” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch is free on this website for one week only. The story’s also available as an ebook through various online retailers here.


Serving Process

Kristine Kathryn Rusch


The free story will be available for one week only. If you missed this one, click on the links above. There’s another free story lurking somewhere around the site. Track the story down, read, and enjoy! 


2 responses to “Free Fiction Monday: Serving Process”

  1. Annie Reed says:

    Louisa and I drove that road from Corvallis to the coast so often, I could see every detail in this story. Feel the rain and smell the moldy air. Add in the legal details and baby kittens, and I’m right there. Awesome story.

  2. Cynthia Gilbert says:

    Oh, I really liked this one.

    It tied my stomach into a few knots but in a good way.

    And I’m glad the kitties are safe.

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