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As I write this, you have a little under 2 days to get your paws on the Cattitude Storybundle. I curated this, and it features wonderful writers and 3 exclusive books! Click here to get yours.

And, just to entice you, let me add the introduction I wrote for the entire thing:


My cats have gotten out of control. During the lockdown, I promoted a series of projects using my co-workers as a hook. The only co-workers I had at the time were the the cats who boss me around: The Mighty Cheeps, and his buddy Gavin, a.k.a The Boys.

I’d post a picture of them on Facebook, write a funny or wry bit about their terrible office behavior, and end with a bit of promotion.

Little did I realize that the demand for the antics of the staff at Promotion Central would become the highlight of my Facebook page. I’ve learned if I don’t include a photo of the Boys, or our new(ish) third cat, Angel, no one reads the posts. Those cats are more popular than I am.

It shouldn’t surprise me. Cats and the internet go together like chocolate and peanut butter. You can live with either one, but once someone combined them, well, there’s no separating them. Ever.

Of course, we’re going to take advantage of that. Cats and the internet becomes cats in ebooks. Since cats in books have always gone hand in glove (have you ever met a bookstore dog?), it seems only natural to put cat books into a Storybundle.

The best thing about cat books? It’s easy to find good ones because all of the best writers live with cats. Writers and cats are similar creatures. We’re loners who like company. We really don’t leave the house much. We have active imaginations. And, most importantly, we like to imagine that we’re the center of the universe.

In this bundle, we have cats who very well might be the center of the universe. From Stefon Mears’ The Captain’s Cat to the Collins’ brothers, The Interegalactic Veternarian of the Year, we have an abundance of space-traveling cats. We also have cats of mystery in books by Sue Ann Jaffarian, Robert Jeschonek, and Annie Reed.

Then there are the familiars—the cats with witches, the witches with cats, and the mage with very little magic who has an actual familiar named Ruby. That last describes my collection of short stories. Mindy Klasky’s Single Witch has her own troublesome familiar and romantic issues as well. Bonnie Elizabeth’s frost witch figures out how to get magical cats to actually help her. (Is that because cats with magic are nicer than cats without?)

And finally there’s the cat in the bookstore, Rhiannon, who runs the bookstore in Sea Shell Cove, along with her person. They’re dealing with all manner of things from ghosts to centaurs, with a murder to solve before it’s too late.

Yep, we’ve mixed genres here, even in the anthology, A Cat of A Different Color, which I co-edited. Because, you see, as far as I’m concerned, cat stories are a genre unto themselves. You need a cat of strong personality and a story to tell involving the cat. Since there’s a cat in the story, then the story involves the cat—

Oh, you’ll see.

You’re in for a delightful reading experience. If I could harness the magic of the cat staff at Promotion Central, I’d have them tell you to get the bundle now, because it’ll disappear in a few weeks. You’ll lose the chance to buy these books for a low price…and get three exclusives. Yep, three books you can’t get anywhere else.

All the books in this bundle are wonderful. All of the cats are memorable. All of the stories will hook you from the first line. You’ll be getting quite the reading experience for your money.

Oh, and before you go, do consider adding some money for our charity, Able Gamers. Able Gamers enables folks who are housebound to experience a life outside of their homes without leaving the safety of their place. (I suspect indoor cats would approve.) Able Gamers tailors gaming consoles and other equipment to individuals so that they can participate, make friends, and spend time with others, without leaving their homes.

Three exclusives, lots of cats, and a chance to help others. What a great way to start your summer. Click here for your bundle.

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  1. At the link, it says the Cattitude bundle is finished? And indeed, I have a folder of Cattitude story on my computer?

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