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I know, I know. The title is a terrible pun. But it’s also appropriate. I curated the 2023 Write Stuff Storybundle. It’s full of career-enhancing advice…and there’s a free workshop too. (Okay, free if you pay $20 for the bundle. But that’s a savings of $130, plus you’ll get twelve ebooks.) I’m going to put my introduction to the bundle here now, so that I don’t repeat myself. Except to say two things:

1) Poke around the Storybundle site once you’re there. The Pride bundle alone is worth the price.

2) Remember that the bundle will only exist for a few weeks, and then it will go away. So get yours quickly!

Here’s the intro along with the link:

These days, anyone can write and publish a book. The rise of electronic books has made publishing easy and quick. However, not everyone can have a writing career.

Writing careers take patience and a willingness to learn. Writers must learn the basics of craft, which they’ve always needed to know. But now, writers also need to learn how to run a small business. They must also understand that at times, they’ll have to try a few other things to keep their writing business afloat.

Through it all, they must maintain their enthusiasm and avoid pitfalls that have prevented promising writers from having actual careers.

This bundle helps with all of that and so much more.

For craft, look no farther than Darcy Pattison’s Start Your Novel. That first book always takes a leap of faith. Darcy makes it easy, by breaking the process into six simple steps. Ron Collins gets even more specific with his latest nonfiction writing book, On Creating (And Celebrating) Characters.

Then we have the process books, such as the Bundle on Productivity. That lovely volume is a bundle within a bundle, all geared at helping writers become more productive. Inside the bundle within a bundle, you’ll find four books and a lot of examples on how to be productive, even if you have health issues.

Of course, having a writing career assumes that writers make money at their craft. We have two books to help with that directly. Douglas Smith’s Playing The Short Game on how to make money at writing short stories has become a classic in the field. Then there is an online workshop that will teach writers effective ways to increase their writing income, called How To Make More Than Coffee Money.

Sometimes, running a writing business means branching out from the actual writing into other fields that interest the writer. Johanna Rothman explores consulting as an option in Successful Independent Consulting. Mattie Dalrymple takes on podcasting to help writers with their careers in Podcasting for Authors.

Then there is the realities of the writing career. It doesn’t always go well, but not every setback has to be fatal. My own contribution to the bundle, How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions, looks at the pitfalls along the path and examines how to either avoid them or survive them.

Dealing with those realities can be emotionally exhausting. Sometimes it takes a bit to recharge. Keiko O’Leary reminds us all why we started writing in the first place in Your Writing Matters.

One way to manage the ups and downs of a career is to build a network. Tonya D. Price helps with that in her newest book, Building The Writers Network.

More than enough to keep writers busy all summer, working on craft and business, getting fortified for the journey ahead and being inspired.

In addition, we’ve chosen a charity that helps people with disabilities join the online gaming community. The key word here is community, since so many people have become homebound. They need an outlet, and Able Gamers tailors gaming consoles and other equipment to individuals so that they can participate, make friends, and spend time with others, without leaving their homes.

So as you get all of this wisdom from the bundle, toss a few dollars at Able Gamers on the way out. We appreciate it!

Get yours here.

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