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I ended up being in two Storybundles in the month of June, both with new books exclusive to the bundles.

Bundle The First

The first, the Epic Elves Storybundle, appeared just this week, and wow, am I excited about it. Curated by one of my favorite writers, Anthea Sharp, the bundle is filled with ten writers, a few new to me whose work I can’t wait to read. Then there are writers whose names you’ll recognize if you pick up anything I edit for WMG, from Chrissy Wissler to Tom Carpenter to T. Thorn Coyle, writers whose work I just love. All of the books feature elves in one form or another, and a few of the books feature other small creatures.

My exclusive contribution is a story collection filled with wee folk, some elves, a few fairies, and some who are so magical they won’t let us know what exactly they are.

Here’s what Anthea says about the entire bundle:

Step into ten worlds of magic and legend, where the elves you thought you knew are wonderfully reimagined by top authors in the fantasy field.

Elves have been a staple of fantasy since the first fairytales were told, and through the years authors have imagined and re-imagined these magical beings. This collection is no exception. StoryBundle is thrilled to offer these ten stunning and creative takes on elves, serving up the unexpected (Mafia elves! Western elves!) along with classic fairytale retellings and sweeping fantasy worlds, all the while ringing the familiar tropes of pointy ears and perilous magic.

The titles in this bundle range from secondary worlds filled with enchantment and danger to the gritty streets of urban cities. Mighty warrior-mage elf princes stride the hushed halls of their glittering palaces, witchy heroines make unfortunate bargains with treacherous modern elves, and half-elf teens try to hide in plain sight in dusty backwoods towns.

Whether you’re looking for classic, morally ambiguous Dark Elves, holiday sprites who create mischievous havoc, or reckless teens wishing they could reject their powers and pointed ears, every tale here will make you nod in recognition. Like a kaleidoscope, as you turn the virtual pages through these books, the shifting stories will reveal different facets of the elves. But one thing is certain – wee or mighty, hero or villain – they are all epic. – Anthea Sharp

You can get all of this great reading just in time for the holiday (here in the States) if you click here.

Bundle The Second

I might have mentioned this before, but I too have curated a Storybundle this month. Mine features 13 books on writing (one of them in a bundle within a bundle) and an online workshop, all of which you can purchase for $25. The bundle is filled with great advice from career writers, covering everything from craft to business to side hustles. My own book is a combination of craft and business called How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions. Those of you who’ve read my blog over the past year or so have seen excerpts from it. My ebook is exclusive, along with an ebook on building a writerly network from Tonya D. Price. So much great advice here, so many things to learn…and the bonus is that everyone here writes really, really well, so each book is fun to read as well. This incredible deal will disappear on Thursday, so get yours now. (And while you’re at it, get yourself some elves.)

And Finally….

Dean and I have been having a lot of fun this month exploring all the various products we can produce to go with our many books and series. We started down this road in 2019, and are finally getting our own set-up in place. I’ll have a lot of announcements on this as we make our way down this road. We also realized we have a lot of learning and experiences to share, so we’re going to do that with two related online classes which we called The Indie Writers Products Class.

Here’s what Dean says about it all:

The class has so much stuff to cover, it turned into TWO (2) Nine Week Classes with eight assignments each and six recorded webinars each. Part One and Part Two.

These two classes are an attempt to help indie writers take their business and their income to the next level. And with the webinars in each class, it will allow us to all work together to move forward and share ideas.

Note: The webinars will be recorded and posted on the class and will only be recorded the first time through. And you must have taken Part One to take Part Two. Times for the webinar announced after the first assignment.

And yes, if you buy them both, there is a discount (a bundle with both) and also the reason for this sale, which we had no intention of doing until these classes got to large with so many things to learn. We just want to really have these classes help get the word and methods of adding product to our worlds out in a larger way. So thus, the 50% Sale.

For a simple product example: A nifty Puplhouse Fiction Magazine mug for our Kickstarter in the middle of July relaunching Pulphouse as a monthly magazine. 15 ounces, See another picture at the bottom. After the Kickstarter this and other mugs will be for sale on our Shopify store.

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover in the 18 weeks, 16 assignments, and 12 webinars of the two Indie Writer’s Products Classes.

  • Deciding on product per book or series.
  • Planning product lines (basics and advanced)
  • Art and contracts and copyright.
  • Some trademark in both classes
  • Time and cash flow and number of projects.
  • Kickstarter and Other Product uses
  • Store Sales on Your Web Site
  • POD vs Mass Purchase
  • Exclusivity
  • AI Art
  • What Readers Want in 2023 for Product
  • How to really research a product and maufacture.
  • Licensing and preparing for the Expo
  • Working with Artists, distributors, and their contracts.
  • Which Products to be careful of.
  • Expectations on sales and time.
  • And most importantly, when to use the WIBBOW test.


Because we’re feeling adventurous this weekend, we also added a 50% off sale cover any class, workshop, lifetime subscription, everything on WMG Teachable.


The code to get 50% off is:


Just hit purchase of anything on Teachable you want, put in the code on the next page and hit apply and you will be able to get the class for 50% off.

Sale will run for one week until late Friday night, July 7th.

Everything Subscribers, the new classes are already in your subscription.

And yes, folks, you can get 50% off the Everything Subscription as well in this sale. And if you already have another lifetime subscription, we can give you another slight discount. Write Dean through for details.

Wanted to know why the mug? Well, ff you spend $75 or more on the sale, we will send you your choice:

— 15 ounce Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Mug ($20 value… see image above and below)


— Three bundles of business books.  BUNDLE ON BUSINESS, BUNDLE ON MARKETING, and BUNDLE ON PRODUCTIVITY. 10 electronic writing books total. A $30 value.

Dean will contact you after the sale for your choice if you spent $75 or more. (Can be on a number of items and add up.)

In Conclusion

Ebooks! Workshops! Discounts! Deals! Elves! Maybe a mug…

Have a great weekend, all.

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