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I’m going to start with the thing that’s not as much fun as everything else. That’d be the little bit of advice. I have a new book out, which is called How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions. The topic is dark, but the book is uplifting, especially if you have some of the issues I’m dealing with here. If you know or if you are a writer who is having some issues, this is the book for you. You can get it at your favorite retailer or from WMG directly.

And now for the fun stuff…which all comes with deadlines, because, apparently, fun needs a deadline. (Okay, I’m punchy. I’m teaching right now and my brain is moving at 5 times normal speed, as is my very dry sense of humor.)

I’m honored to be part of a really wonderful Storybundle called Epic Elves. Great books and stories by some of my favorite writers. Lots of fantasy, lots of humor and joy and dark elvish knowledge. I have a collection in the bundle, filled with stories you may not have seen. The book’s called Wee Folk and it’s exclusive to the bundle. In addition to mine, you can get nine other ebooks for as little as $25. But here’s the catch: You have to hurry. The bundle…and the deal…disappear in a little over two days.

And finally, something else fun. This morning, we launched our Pulphouse Kickstarter. As we always do with our magazines, we’re doing this to get folks to renew or start a subscription for the magazine. But this year, we also have Pulphouse merchandise, including the calendar you see on this post, as well as a pillow and a mug featuring our mascot, Thumper. We also are offering some rewards for writers, including great workshops, and to my mind, the centerpiece of all of it, the wonderful, wonderful fiction that Dean finds for every issue. So please, head over, and see if you find something to your liking. The Kickstarter will last a little over two weeks, but the sooner you lock up your rewards, the better. Then you can think about other things—like elves.


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