A Short Term Goal

Current News On Writing Pulphouse

As some of you know, we’re running a subscription drive Kickstarter for Pulphouse magazine. We’ve got all kinds of rewards, starting at $25 for a six-issue subscription. In fact, the six-issue subscription comes with every reward. As I mentioned in some of my posts, we also have merchandise in the Kickstarter. The merch is priced low, but has the six-issue sub added in, so you’ll see some crazy reward prices. There are workshops for writers, and lots and lots and lots of great reading.

The short-term goal, though, is for the weekend only. We would like to hit 130 backers by Sunday night. If we do, writers will get a chance to submit a new story to the magazine, and readers will get an original anthology (title to be determined).

We’ve already hit two stretch goals, and as I write this, we’re about $100 from the third. That means this: if you back for $25, you’ll get the six-issue sub, three anthologies (should we hit that goal and I think we will) and the chance to submit a story. If we hit the weekend 130 stretch goal, another anthology will be included, as will a second chance to submit.

Pulphouse never has an open submission period. It’s usually by invitation only. So this is a big deal for writers.

And readers! Anthologies, six issues, and more!

Click here to look at the Kickstarter. (And note the new, cute, animation!)

The picture at the top of the blog is of Stephanie Writt, who is WMG’s new merch goddess (among other job titles). She’s holding the pillow, which is in the Kickstarter, and modeling the hoodie, which will be part of the Pulphouse Store. The store will have a grand opening in a few weeks.

Yep, it’s busy around here, but we’re having lots of fun.

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