Want to get the new Diving novel early? Here’s your chance.

Diving Into The Wreck free fiction Science Fiction Space Opera

The next Diving novel takes us back a little bit in time, because I needed to learn a bit about the various cultures I was writing about. So Ivory Trees looks at some shenanigans in the Empire as well as explains some things that were deliberately left blank in the regular Diving novels.

Before you Diving fans ask, yes, I’m getting to Boss & Coop. I had to write this first. (And a few other things.)

For those of you who aren’t Diving fans, this novel is a great place to start. Parts of Ivory Trees have appeared in Asimov’s, including “The Break-In” in the current issue. You can read an excerpt here. Then I’d suggest picking up the magazine because this issue contains a lot of great fiction by really wonderful writers.

Every person who backs the Kickstarter will get an early ebook copy of Ivory Trees. Then you can pick and choose from the rewards, including some really cool sf merchandise (like pillows, blankets, and mugs) to online writing workshops as well as the entire series, should you want all your books in one place.

So head on over. The Kickstarter begins today. Join us!

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