Pardon Our Dust…

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As the eagle-eyed among you will note, we have a new theme and we’re working on the website redesign. Some of you got too many RSS feeds, and we had a few other problems as well.

We’re tweaking and fixing. I can’t promise that we’ll catch everything, but we’re going to try. If something weird happened to you–connected to my website only (I can’t help with your life)–let me know.

Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust…

  1. Please get the “Retrieval Artist” series turned into television.

    The people Apple have making Foundation could handle the effects needed… and the people making For All Mankind could probably handle the script conversion from novel…

    Anyways I RARELY read my books twice, but those are a definite… especially since I just managed to snag the only German translations done. (1-6)

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