The Spooky Season

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I’m watching the WNBA finals as I write this, so forgive me if I seem distracted. But it’s past time to let you know about this Storybundle that I curated. It is perfect for Halloween. If you’re like me, you like to read books that evoke the season. And these books evoke the season.

Ten books by wonderful writers. Four of our books are exclusives, meaning you can only get them in this bundle. The exclusives are by Anthea Sharp, Robert Jeschonek, Mark Leslie, and Rebecca Cantrell. Great reading here.

But the other books are wonderful as well. Kevin J. Anderson gave us his brand new Dan Shamble book, which you can get at a discount. (Technically, all of these are discounted; you can get the bundle for $20. These books are worth waaaaaay more than $2 apiece.) J.F. Penn contributed a new novella, Annie Reed has a great collection here, and Mark Leslie edited a perfect Halloween book. You can read a story a day in that for the next 11 days to get you to the holiday. Then there are marvelous ghost stories from Pulphouse, and one of my darkest fantasy novels, FantasyLife (along with a bunch of short stories in that world).

So lots to read here. Enjoy the spooky season…now that women’s basketball is nearly done for the year.

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