Snuggle Up For Some Great Winter Reading

Holiday New Releases

One of my favorite parts of this year’s Holiday Spectacular is the merchandise. In the winter, I always cuddle up under a blanket, a cat on top, a mug of tea on the side table, and a book in hand. It’s my idea of heaven.

When we designed the merchandise for this year’s Spectacular, we decided to have three different mugs and three different blankets, all featuring one of the covers of the upcoming anthologies, all featuring Bob Giodano’s artwork. Trust me, these blankets are soft and warm. The mugs are just large enough that you don’t have to get up very often to refill. And the reading…well, there’s a lot of it this year. Let me explain.

The Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories, which is the heart of the project, runs from American Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Every day, subscribers get a single story in their email, a story they can download to their favorite device. The stories are run the gamut from romance to mystery to fantasy to undefinable. Some are funny; some are dark. They’re all excellent. Great stories by great writers. Dean has three stories in this year’s calendar, and I have four.

We usually don’t have as many, but there are 40 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s this year. The anthologies that I edit with the calendar have 11 stories each, which comes to 33 stories from spectacular writers. Dean and I make up the difference.

If you back the Kickstarter, you get the Calendar of Stories with each reward. The Calendar will start promptly on November 23, which is why we run the Kickstarter in October. We want you to join us this year so that you have the best of holiday reading.

We’re offering all kinds of rewards in the Kickstarter, including the previous anthologies in paper, this year’s anthologies in paper (to arrive in 2024), the previous four calendars in massive ebook collections…and the award pictured above.

That’s my favorite. A mug, a blanket, and the calendar of stories. The perfect way to spend the winter holiday season, snuggled under a blanket, reading.

So check out the Kickstarter. You’ll find everything from workshops to puzzles to fiction, fiction, fiction.

Oh, and we’ve hit our first stretch goal, so you’ll get a bonus story from me. Click here to see more.

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