Well…That Was A Week

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It doesn’t seem like I’ve been all that silent here, but I have been. We experienced one of those life events that knocked us out of our routine and put us into a whole new world.

A week ago Sunday, Dean tripped during a 5K run. He was going very fast, passing people and enjoying himself, when his toe caught on a concrete rise and down he went. Fortunately, as a former professional athlete, he knows how to fall. So he rolled and caught the impact of his entire body on his shoulder. I say fortunately, because judging where the bruises were—knees, hands, elbows, face—if he had fallen forward, like most people, he would have had several broken bones…or a crushed skull.

His shoulder, however, was ruined. Completely shattered. It took until Thursday to get him into surgery (after an emergency trip to the ER (Sunday), specialists (Tuesday), and pre-admittance hospital procedures (Wednesday)). In his entire charmed life, Dean has never broken a bone or had surgery, so all of this was new. And all of the professionals were worried about his reaction to anesthesia, since he’d never been under before.

He came through with flying colors (although “flying” is probably not a word I should use right now). He went into the hospital overnight and was released late on Friday. He’s here at home, recovering, with several weeks ahead of PT and with the use of only one arm.

My week’s plans went from finishing a novel, starting a novella, writing a blog, doing audio, and taking two quizzes in my classes, to making sure Dean was as comfortable as possible, wrangling medical documents, making medical professionals hear me when I said, “He’s in too much pain to wait for 10 days for surgery,” and figuring out various medical testing schedules. His excellent surgeon arranged a surgery in less than 2 days, and now Dean–while in pain–isn’t in excruciating pain. As of today, Monday, he’s up and about (until he needs sleep), and is getting things done albeit slowly.

Of course, the photo I attached to this post shows the real crisis in the household. Balloons! Apparently my cat Gavin believes that balloons are the sworn enemy of all cats, so he’s ever vigilant. (These were a gift to help Dean feel better. It’s working. We’re laughing at the cats.)

I spent my first day at the computer—kinda. I have a lot to catch up on, and I haven’t gotten to most of it. I did give myself some fiction writing time, which is good. It took a minute to remember what I had been doing, and then everything flooded out. I’m still dealing with medical professionals (three phone calls today), and a thousand other details concerning Dean’s health, but at least we’re not in crisis mode anymore.

Which…brings me to this week. I plan to get the blog done on time. I have other writing to do, and a lot of email to answer. If yours is one of those emails, please be patient. If you haven’t heard by next week, then please contact me again.

I know some of you noticed that the Recommended Reading List keeps popping up with nothing on it. That’s because I meant to finish it before the scheduled date and never managed it. I’ve deleted that file. I’ll write a new one, as soon as I get a chance.

In the meantime, I’ve been unable to do a lot of promotion on the projects we have going. They’re all holiday related.

First, the Halloween Storybundle is in its last few days (obviously). You can get 10 great dark fantasy ebooks for $25 and add a few dollars for our charity, Maui Strong. The folks in Hawai’i have lived through real horror, and now that the world has moved on to new horrors, have been forgotten. So please add a dollar or two for them. This bundle, which I curated, has work by Kevin J. Anderson, Annie Reed, J.F. Penn, and me. There are anthologies, like the Halloween anthology, edited by Mark Leslie, and a Pulphouse anthology edited by Dean Wesley Smith. And then! The bundle has four exclusive books that you can’t get anywhere else. Books by Rebecca Cantrell, Robert T. Jeschonek, Anthea Sharp, and Mark Leslie. If you want the exclusives, you absolutely have to act within the next three days or you’ll miss out entirely. Click here to go to the Storybundle.

In addition to the Storybundle, we’re running a Kickstarter which also ends this week. The Kickstarter is for the Holiday Spectacular, which starts in about 3 weeks. The Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories will give subscribers 40 stories—one per day— with a winter holiday theme (not just Christmas) between American Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The Kickstarter has a ton of other goodies as well. And…we’ve hit five stretch goals (one a special goal) so all backers will get an extra five holiday stories (by me) as well as $600 in special workshops. As of this writing, though, the Kickstarter will end in 70 hours, so hurry over and pick up the calendar as well as a dozen other goodies.

If you’ve already picked up the Spectacular and the Halloween bundle, let me say thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m going to be that person, though. I’m going to ask for a favor. Please let your friends and family know about these. Because most of my time is spent in patient care right now, I’m not able to promote at the usual level—and Dean really isn’t. So every little share helps us more than you can imagine.

Thank you! (And thanks for indulging me on this somewhat personal post.)

14 thoughts on “Well…That Was A Week

  1. Positive thoughts/prayers sent. Glad he dodged the crushed skull (I had a much less damaging fall recently and had similar thoughts how badly it could have gone).

  2. Sending healing wishes to Dean, who along with Dave Farland has made the greatest impact on my fiction writing.
    As a physiotherapist who specializes in shoulders, I empathize with his pain – and the frustration of having to exist for a few weeks with only one functional shoulder!
    If I can be of any help (advice only – I live on the other side of the world!), please reach out to me.

    1. Thank you, Bruce. I think the biggest problem he’s having with all of the adjustments is sleeping in a semi-reclined position. We seem to (mostly) have pain management under control and so far the professionals have been great–as has the support from everyone.

      1. Yes, getting comfortable sleeping is a big issue after shoulder injury or surgery- the best advice I can offer is to use multiple pillows to support the arm, and use enough pain meds to be able to sleep. All the best!

        1. Yes! I broke my humerus right at the shoulder this spring. Unbelievably difficult to sleep comfortably. Tell your husband to be good about the PT, and not to be surprised that he needs to continue the exercises, even after healing. Shoulder joints like to be stretched, and a few weeks without doing so can lead to a return of stiffness and pain (that I know, as I got too busy to do the stretching, and am quite stiff and achy right now).

  3. Gosh I’m sorry, Kris, what a huge shock for both of you. Sounds brutal. I hope his recovery continues as smoothly as it can. You must still be pretty discombobulated. Best wishes for the next few weeks and onwards.

  4. Boy, I can sympathize. I broken the top of my arm this summer – in 3 places. One of the most painful events I’ve ever experienced. He must have very high pain tolerance for you to describe the post surgery period as ‘only’ painful. I was on high level pain meds for the better part of a month after my injury.
    If I may suggest, once he is getting PT, ask if water exercise would help. If not ready for that, ask about use of a whirlpool or hot tub. I used both, and they really helped.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I will. I’m sorry you went through that as well. The “painful” was comparatively speaking. He was in excruciating pain all of last week. I think any reduction is easier to tolerate. (Plus he’s a former professional athlete and they are all about pain tolerance/management.

  5. Best wishes to Dean and speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and don’t stress over writing. We can be patient and understanding.

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