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While Dean and I have dealt with our personal emergency, the staff at WMG Publishing have worked hard on the projects we planned for the end of October and the beginning of November.

First, let me thank everyone who backed our Kickstarter for the Holiday Spectacular. We’re so pleased that you all have joined us on this fun journey. Thank you as well for everyone who shared the news of the Kickstarter while Dean and I were offline due to his accident. (For those of you who don’t know what happened, look here.) I really appreciate all of the help and the support.

If you go to the Kickstarter, you see a link that says “Go to the New Holiday Store!” Yep, we planned to open a holiday store for all of our holiday-related merchandise. We have a lot. I’ve written holiday stories since 1988 and some, like “Christmas Eve at the Exit,” get picked up for Year’s Best Collections. For the past five years, I’ve edited the Holiday Spectacular, which has several pieces from the Calendar of Stories (one per day from American Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day) to four annual anthologies of original fiction. This year, we’ve added actual merchandise so that you can enjoy your reading under a holiday blanket while drinking hot chocolate from your matching mug.

We planned a grand opening sale for the holiday store to go live the day after the Kickstarter ended. Had it just been me and Dean organizing all of this, the store wouldn’t have happened, but the staff at WMG really stepped up. Stephanie Writt did the bulk of the work as well as the design—and good heavens, is it lovely. It makes me want to buy All The Things, and I don’t usually feel that way about stores!

Go look. The store is sooooooo lovely. It’s worth the visit even if you don’t want anything to do with the holidays. (If you feel that way, though, you might want to pick up the mystery collections. They’re a lot more Bah, Humbug! than the rest of the anthologies.)

Because of WMG, we hit the deadline for the Grand Opening. If you go to the store now, you can get 30% off all ebooks, even non-holiday ones, as well as 25% off all merchandise and 50% off all online writing workshops. That’s quite a deal. And you can stock up for the season…or buy a lot of gifts. There are gift cards as well, which just makes shopping easier, in my opinion.

So head on over and see something pretty.

And, everyone, thanks again.

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