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Just a quick heads-up to let you know that a brand-new Kickstarter has gone live. We’re experimenting to see how short fiction works in a Kickstarter. I have six mystery unpublished mystery stories here that vary in length from novella to short story. You can be the among the first to read them, as they come with each reward. The other rewards feature my mystery work as well.

I’ll write a longer post when I’m not studying for finals. (This post goes live while I’m taking one of three quizzes that are taking place today. Sometimes returning to school is such fun. [I wish there was a sarcasm emoji.]) I will have more to say about the Kickstarter, as well as all the items in it, later in the week. But for now, head on over and check it out. I’m really proud of this one. I hope you’ll give it a look.

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