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We are running a Kickstarter which is, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, quite an experiment. We’ve been trying to see how well the Kickstarter works for those extra short pieces of short fiction that I seem to compose more often than I want to think about. We have six of my short crime stories as the main reward of the Kickstarter, but we’ve just added another piece. We didn’t include it in the original “never-before-seen” group because technically, the main story has been published before.

“The Wedding Ring” first appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, but the original version I wrote was too sexy for the digest magazines. I knew it, and wrote the story that way anyhow, knowing I could put together an author-preferred edition…which I have now. “The Wedding Ring: Author Preferred Edition” includes both versions of the story as well as an introduction by me. This volume is great for readers and writers alike. You all can see how different details make for different stories.

We’ve done this volume specifically for the Kickstarter as a special stretch reward. Everyone who backs the Kickstarter will get the reward if we hit 120 backers by Sunday night. (As of this writing, we’re at 99.) So check out the Kickstarter and let your friends know.

The Kickstarter is doing really well. We’ve hit our original ask and we’ve hit the first stretch goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Kickstarter! I’m so pleased with this experiment. It’s going very well…because of all of you. Thank you.

Here’s the blurb for the new volume:

When Serena meets Dylan in a casino hallway, she embraces the fairy tale. Whirlwind romance, amazing sex, Vegas wedding, all of it.

But when the fairy tale ends abruptly, she vows to find out why. And what she discovers proves more shocking than winning big in Vegas.

Named one of the best short mysteries of the year by SeuthSayers, this author-preferred edition contains the original novella and the never-before-published sexy version, as well as an introduction from the author. Perfect for writers and readers alike, the two versions of “The Wedding Ring” show how subtle differences make for different stories.

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