Every Little Thing

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The Never Before Seen Kickstarter is going much better than I ever could have hoped—and that’s because of all of you. Thank you for the support!

The Kickstarter features some of my short crime fiction. The stories are original and never before seen. Backers of the Kickstarter will get to read these tales first.

I promised I would share a bit about each story with you, so here’s a little bit about “Every Little Thing.”

Usually, I don’t know where stories come from, but I know where this one started. I am not a drinker, although I was raised by alcoholics and spent too much time in their world. Then Dean bartended in our early years together, so I sat in bars a lot waiting for him to get off work. For some reason, the song “I Quit Drinking” by Kelsea Ballerini and LANY caught my attention when it came out, and I couldn’t stop playing it. Each time I heard it, the characters in this story became clearer and clearer.

I love this thing. It surprised me because I thought I knew where it was going…and I was wrong. You’ll get this story, along with five other originals, as well as any stretch goals that we’ve hit. (As of this writing, we’ve already hit one stretch goal.) Here’s the story’s blurb:

After sixteen hard years sober, Charlotte feels her sobriety threatened in an instant when she sees her former lover’s obituary. Gage. Handsome Gage. The secrets they shared. Dark secrets…

Head over to the Kickstarter to get your copy.

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