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Dean and I had a fascinating afternoon in the fall of 2019. We were on our way to the gym when we saw an estate sale in a wealthy neighborhood in old Vegas. There aren’t many parts of Vegas that can be considered “old,” but this part is truly iconic. Frank Sinatra had a place there. One of the McGuire sisters was still living there in 2019. A number of casino owners had homes there, and at least one mobster did too.

The homes were massive mid-century moderns, what we used to call ranch homes. I mean 6-8,000 square feet. I grew up in a ranch. It was maybe 1500 square feet, with tiny bedrooms crammed into a narrow dark hallway. There was nothing narrow or dark about this place, even though the master bedroom (probably the size of the house I grew up in) smelled of illness. Every room on the back of the building overlooked a gorgeous (overgrown) garden, and the front had massive three-car garage. The place was impressive in so many ways.

We went to the gym and as I ran, I knew I had to use that house as a setting. Las Vegas tears down its history, and I knew the house next door had been leveled to make way for some ugly square monstrosity that looked like a giant cube. The neighborhood did not have covenants, which actually made me sad. I would have loved to see everything back in the day.

I went home and started “Olivia’s House.” I got a lot off my chest when I wrote it. And now it’s part of the Never Before Seen Kickstarter. We hit our special stretch goal tonight—thank you, backers!—so everyone who backs the Kickstarter will get all six stories as well as the author-preferred edition of “The Wedding Ring.” We also hit our second stretch goal just a few minutes ago, which means that all backers will also get a collection, Santa & Other Christmas Criminals as part of their rewards. So take a look at the Kickstarter and see if you’re interested in getting six original stories, including “Olivia’s House,” as well as two collections and the special edition of “The Wedding Ring.”

And just to entice you, here’s the blurb for “Olivia’s House.”

When a notorious local developer claims to own the home of the late Olivia, her neighbors band together to stop him. But as they each work to thwart the developer, secrets pile on secrets until everyone finds themselves with something to hide.

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