Morning Shift

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Wow, you folks are incredible. We hit the second special stretch goal for the Never Before Seen Kickstarter 24 hours before the deadline. Thank you, backers!!!

I promised I would tell you all about the stories in this Kickstarter. The idea behind the Kickstarter was to see if we could Kickstart short fiction effectively. You have shown that we could! I’m pleased. And honestly, I’m having fun blogging about the stories. I’ve discovered that I’m enjoying the freedom to write whatever I need to on this site, not just as promotion, but other things as well. You’ll notice that I’m catching up on the Recommended Reading Lists, and I’m slowly finishing the redesign. It’s taking time, but I don’t mind at all.

Anyway, today’s story, “Morning Shift,” is about waiting tables…and crime. Always crime, since the six stories are crime stories. Years ago, I read an article in The Oregonian about jobs people hate. The author interviewed people doing a job “no one” wanted to do, like cleaning public toilets. Most people loved their unlovable job, oddly enough. The last question the author asked was “What job would you never do?” and then the author would interview someone doing that job.

The jobs all made sense to me, like flagger on a hot highway or the above-mentioned public toilets cleaner, but the one that surprised me was waiting tables. What? I loved waiting tables when I did it, back in the day. I waited tables off and on for ten years. I liked the challenge, I liked meeting the people, and I liked walking home with cash in my pocket. Sure, my feet ached, but so what? I couldn’t imagine hating that job.

After I read the article (and clipped it—yes, it was that long ago), I set myself up to write about as many of those jobs as I could. Sometimes the jobs required research as in “Unknown Baby Girl,” (insulation install) or “The Moorhead House” (cleaning crime scenes). I figured when I finished them all, I’d ask the author if I could reprint the article and put it all in a collection. But I can’t locate the article now.

Anyway, the final story in the grouping was supposed to be the waiting tables story. I kept putting it off because it didn’t fit in the crappy jobs category for me. But I finally got the spark of an idea, and “Morning Shift” was born. Eventually I’ve got to put that collection together. Maybe I can locate the article by then…

Here’s the blurb:

1974. Jane loves working the morning shift at the diner. She loves the people she works with, too. But when Jane’s past catches up with her, she will need to rely on her own skills to save herself. And just maybe a little help from her co-workers.

You can get “Morning Shift” and five other stories, as well as four collections, as part of the Never Before Seen Kickstarter. Click here to see what other rewards backers can receive.

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