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With little less than 24 hours to go on the Never Before Seen Kickstarter, I need to up my game if I’m going to tell you about all of the stories that you’ll get if you become a backer. I still have two stories to cover.

Just a refresher: we’re running an experimental Kickstarter to see how short fiction fares on the platform. We didn’t know at first, and now we do. Short fiction fares very well. We put up six of my never-before-published short crime stories, and we’ve hit several stretch goals and have gotten more support than I thought we would. If you do decide to back this project, you’ll get six stories (one of which I’ve discussed here), as well as two brand-new collections, and two other collections. Lots and lots and lots of reading, including a new Spade/Paladin novella.

“Stealth Bloggers” is one of the original six crime stories. Not quite a novella, but longer than short story, this piece surprised me when I reread it. I remembered writing it with a lot of trepidation about a bunch of things, none of which exist in the story itself. The dangers of critical voice, I guess. It stopped me for the longest time on this piece. I eventually finished it, and then never mailed it. For a while, it seemed that critical voice had won.

The story has a compelling beginning, which is somewhat illustrated by Allyson Longueira’s lovely cover. A rather nasty man who was always on his laptop in a coffee shop gets murdered in said coffee shop, and the crime may or may not be tied to his online behavior. I’m not going to spoil the rest of this, but if it interests you, then head over to the Kickstarter quickly to get your copy.

And here’s the official blurb…

After the murder of an antisocial regular at a neighborhood coffeeshop, Portland homicide detective Addy Shaefer catches the case. The victim proves as obnoxious online as he did in person, leaving plenty of motive but few suspects. Until Addy enlists the help of the department’s computer expert. Together, they might just stand a chance of catching a killer.

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