Take Your Daughter To Work Day

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Nowadays this holiday—if we can call it a holiday—is called “Take Your Daughters And Sons To Work Day,” which is a mouthful. How come we can’t call it “Take Your Children To Work Day”? Anyhow, this story, the last to discuss from the Never Before Seen Kickstarter is set in the 1990s when this day came about. The idea was to show girls what jobs looked like, since so many were barred from participating in all kinds of jobs back in those days. (Seriously. Sigh.)

I wrote this story, fell in love with the characters, and had a plan (still have a plan) for them in the modern era. It’ll take a bit more work to deal with that, though, and it’s something I put off. I figured this story could be a companion piece to the as-yet-unwritten one. But that plan has kept this story on my computer much too long, so I decided to put it into this Kickstarter, which gives backers first look at six of my unpublished stories.

The Kickstarter ends in 12 hours, so if you’re interested in this or the other five stories, as well as the four collections that come with the stretch goals, head on over to the Kickstarter right now. You’re almost out of time.

I have no idea where I got the idea for a somewhat shady character taking his daughter to work, but I had fun writing the piece. I hope you have fun reading it.

Here’s the actual blurb:

Garrett loves his brilliant, sullen daughter. But when Garrett’s wife insists he take their daughter to work with him, Jocasta’s brains might just prove more than he bargained for. Because Jocasta seems to know exactly what Garrett does for a living. And that knowledge could prove deadly for all of them.


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